Prolotherapy Case Examples

The following are examples of actual patients treated by Dr. Tallman:
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Knee: Osteoarthritis X-ray

Before                                  After

This patient was treated six times with prolotherapy by Dr. Tallman. The x-rays were taken seven months apart.

Lumbar Spine: Spondylolisthesis X-ray


Before                       After

This patient was in constant pain for many years with spondylolisthesis. After two treatments of prolotherapy, the patient reported that her pain had completely diminished. The x-rays were taken only three months apart.

Knee: Baker’s Cyst Ultrasound

This patient presented with an ultrasound demonstrating a baseball-sized Baker’s cyst behind the knee. The “after” film was taken 4 months after the 8th treatment of prolotherapy. He is now enjoying being pain and Baker’s cyst free. At three year follow-up, the cyst had not returned.

Cervical Spine: Kyphosis X-ray

This young patient was involved in an automobile accident. The “After” film was taken 4 months after his 3rd prolotherapy treatment.

Shoulder: Subchondral Cyst MRI

This patient presented with shoulder pain that interfered with work and exercise. The visible fluid-filled cysts on the “Before” MRIs are from chronically injured rotator cuff tendon roots.

The patient underwent treatments of a highly specialized fine-needling technique pioneered by Dr. Tallman.The follow-up MRI was done 2 months after his 6th treatment. He was released with a pain-free, full range of motion with unrestricted activities.

Shoulder: Rotator Cuff Tear MRI 1

This patient’s rotator cuff was torn in an auto accident. The “After” film was taken 2 months after the 7th treatment. The patient was released with a full, pain-free range of motion.

Shoulder: Rotator Cuff Tear MRI 2

This patient presented with partial-thickness tears of the supraspinatus tendon and full-thickness tears of the infraspinatus tendon after sustaining an auto accident. The follow-up MRI was done 2 months after the fourth treatment. The patient has returned to competitive cycling.

Knee: Cartilage Damage MRI

Shoulder: Subchondral Cyst MRI

Knee: Subchondral Cyst MRI

Lumbar Spine: Spondylolisthesis MRI

Lumbar Spine: Disc Extrusion MRI

Lumbar Spine: Disc Extrusion MRI

Lumbar Spine: Disc Bludge MRI